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Aircraft scales, helicopter scales, and aircraft weighing equipment for your aviation and aerospace weighing needs.

Wired Digital and Wireless Hand Held Systems Available
M2000-3-5KP is our 5,000 lb per platform system @ $6495.00
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Cessna aircraft with no jack points are no problem with our roll on platforms. System works for all small aircraft, Beechcraft, Piper, Diamond and lots more!
Cessna 182 on our M2000-3-5KP platform system, this scale set is a must for the IA, A&P, small repair stations, avionics shops, paint and interior shops. Don't guess at the weigh or take the log book entry that is 20 years old for granted, one pass on the scales will give you the actual weight.
Wired systems M2000-3-5KP 5,000 lb per platform $6495.00 M2000-3-10KP 10,000 lb platforms, digital indication $7495.00
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Standard M2000 indicator with 50ft cables, three channel with total mode
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Units come in 5,000 lb and 10,000 lb versions.
HH2400-3-10KP Hand Held wireless indicator platform scale system $7495.00
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Our HH2400 Wireless Aircraft Scale Indicator can be ordered on any of our wireless products. You have your choice of a Laptop computer or a Hand Held transceiver.
Our complete wireless platform scale system HH2400-3-10KP @ $7495 Wireless operations using our hand held HH2400 series indicator. The system can also be run on an optional Laptop computer running our JAWS software package.

Wireless aircraft weighing on platforms is now possible with our M2400-3-10KP or our HH2400-3-10KP Hand Held system, currently only $7495.00.  Truly wireless, 150 ft range, cells are powered by standard AA batteries and the computer is powered by the laptop battery.  Cell battery life is over 1 year, laptop can operate up to 3 hours with out being plugged in or our HH2400 can operate up to 1 year on its internial batteries.



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Light turboprop, up to King Air size aircraft are capable to be weighed on our platform system.
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Dual wheel applications are not a problem, our units are just high enough that one wheel will hang off the scale with the other centered. This feature is not offered on other scales that are low profile and cause you to purchase additional platforms for dual wheel applications.
Platform specifications:
Standard platform is 12 inches wide, by 16 inches long by 3 1/4 inches tall.  This size is easy to move and ship, captures most aircraft tire sizes in the range of 10,000 lbs and is just high enough that duel wheel aircraft can have a single wheel hang off the side and have ground clearance.
Capacities are available in low end configuration 0 to 200 lb for UAV/UAS,  0 to 2000 lb for light use, 0 to 5000 lb, 10,000 lb or up to 15,000 lb sets.  Note: not all part numbers are shown on the web site, call us for detailed part number systems offered.
6061 billet cut aircraft grade aluminum construction, duel double ended shear beam construction makes our platforms stand out from all others.  Concentrated center of force path between our shear beams produces the most accurate high and low weight capacity scale you can use for aviation applications, including low end weight for UAV/UAS applications.
Platforms come with 30 inch long wood plank ramps with a 7 degree incline for easy pull up.  Wooden plank construction yields high strength and low weights for shipping and relocating the ramps, thus reducing shipping costs.
Kits are available in both wired and wireless configurations.
Our system can also be grown into a much larger system for higher weight aircraft, just purchase two sets and use the platforms side by side for 6 wheel applications requiring full weighing in draft.

Just click on the video
JAWS 10KP platform video
Small aircraft, small turboprop and small jet aircraft platforms. 5000lb 10,000lbs and 15,000lb platforms are available.
All our platforms are now shipping with our new light weight plank construction wood ramps.  The wooden plank ramps are superior in weight capability and we found that they grip the floor better in high gloss floor hangers.

Old school? No problem we have our standard M2000 wired system for you!
New School? If you into tech or just want the latest weighing system we have you covered on that as well. Soon our new Win8 tablet will be out!
Our new JAWS 10KP platform is made of 6061 billet cut aluminum. All platforms are machined to close tolerance and have a hammer tone finish for long service life.